Welcome to Kenya Publishers Association
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The objectives of the Kenya Publishers’ Association include:
  1. Encourage the widest possible spread of printed and digital books throughout Kenya and beyond.
  2. Promote and protect by all lawful means the interests of the publishing industry in Kenya.
  3. Protect Members by dealing collectively with problems which can best be so dealt with.
  4. Cooperate for mutual benefit with other organizations concerned in the creation, production of books and digital materials and to promote the development of public interest in books and digital material in association with other book organizations with similar objectives
  5. Serve as a medium for exchange of ideas with respect to publication, sales copyright and other matters of interest to book and digital books publishers located in Kenya and to form committees to report on such matters.
  6. Maintain the Association in a sound and efficient financial condition.
  7. Raise and maintain a common fund, including a general reserve, to be applied and used in carrying out the objects herein stated; provided that such portion of the common fund as the Association’s council shall from time to time determine or approve shall be allocated to the provision of financial or other reserves.
  8. Examine and seek to influence all legislative proposals likely to affect publishers and the book trade, and to take such measure in support thereof or in opposition thereto as may be appropriate.
  9. Enter into any arrangement for cooperation, joint ventures or reciprocal concession with any other person, firm, company or institution carrying on or engage in any business or transaction which may appear directly or indirectly to benefit the Association, and for such purpose to acquire an interest in, and take part in the person, firm, company or institution, and to enter into any desirable arrangements in the interests of the Association
  10. Extend the activities and usefulness of the Association as may seem desirable.
  11. Make and publish Regulations and to secure by all lawful means the observance of all such Regulations
  12. Consult and wherever possible agree on remuneration rates, conditions and hours of work for members’ employees.
  13. Improve or encourage the improvement of the professional, technical and educational qualifications of members of the Association and their staff.
  14. Initiate or encourage research into the resolution of all technical and other problems affecting the production and distribution of books.
  15. Discuss and agree on an acceptable code of ethics, to ensure good business and other relationships among members of Association and between the Association and the public
  16. Act as a centre for information on the Production, Marketing, Selling and Distribution of books.
  17. Negotiate and enter into agreements with users on a non-exclusive basis in regard to photocopying or similar reproduction (such as digital copying) of the published works of its members. The Association has the right to transfer the right to negotiate and enter into such agreements to a collective organization.