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Nsemia Inc. Publishersfocuses on African-related stories and how they impact African peoples on the continent and in the Diaspora. We aim at bringing to the fore the many untold stories that enrich African lives; stories that have a bearing on Africans and contribution to the global village. The African focus is core to our undertakings. We believe that there is a lot of rich culture on the continent and among its people in the Diaspora that could enrich the world’s cultural mosaic. As well, in a region and communities that faces substantial cultural onslaught from especially the West, there is a need to preserve the rich cultural heritage for posterity.

Our focus is summed up by the motto: Bringing You Untold Stories, with a key objective being nurturing artistic talent to express themselves through story-telling, poetry, drama, music and any artistic expression.

We offer insightful guidance in the writing process, editing and (eventually) publication. In addition, there is active marketing and promotion of published works to ensure they reach desirable audiences. 

The partnership with the writer aims at mutual growth in an attempt to enrich authors’ lives, encourage writing and reading culture of African peoples, and leave the written word for future generations. Below are the key focus areas:

The African Creative Arts & Language Project: this project focuses on works of fiction (novels, poetry, plays, musicals) written (mainly) in English and other African languages such as Kiswahili. 

The African Heroes Project: this seeks works that depict African heroes from various African people both on the continent and in the Diaspora.

Biography Series: the objective here is to capture the personal stories of personalities that have played various roles in shaping nations’ destiny in Africa.

Theses Project: aims at publishing academic theses pertaining to the African continent and its issues.

School Education Project with a view to developing and publishing quality educational content that would enrich the education of African learners.

Writers choose to work with Nsemia Inc. Publishers due to the caring and nurturing that comes with the relationship. This is partially based on the understanding of the challenges of getting published as an African, in Africa or in the Diaspora. Despite its richness in culture on the African continent and its Diaspora, published works relating to the continent remain small relative to the size and population of its people, its history and cultural and linguistic diversity.


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